Global Blood Therapeutics

Sally P. Ton

Senior, eTMF Specialist
Global Blood Therapeutics

Sally Ton is a Senior eTMF Specialist with Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT). She has been in the biotech industry for 6 years. She started her career as an Administrative Assistant in Clinical Operations for biotech based in New Jersey. An avid learner, she quickly advanced through the industry, ultimately finding that Trial Master File (TMF) was her favorite subject to study from system implementation to leading TMF Inspection Readiness activities.

During her time with GBT, she helped support and lead the migration of six different clinical studies from disparate systems and the implementation and rollout of Veeva Vault eTMF in the span of less than four months.  Since then, she’s collaborated and engaged with internal and external stakeholders to integrate effective and efficient TMF management into business and study management processes. For there to be an Inspection Readied TMF, she finds it critical to have a proactive partnership with key stakeholders where teams are held accountable for study deliverables, and where risks, opportunities, lessons learned, and paths forwards are continuously assessed, identified, and implemented.  She continues to change people’s perception of TMF by finding innovative ways to elucidate its importance and ease of implementation. 

Sally P. Ton’s Session(s)

— 8:45 am
Case Study: It takes a village” – Inspection-Readied TMF Through Active Engagement & Proactive Sponsor-CRO Partnership

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