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Just what exactly IS an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)? And why do you need one to manage your Regulatory Documentation? Won’t an EDMS automatically manage my documents? We will answer these questions and more in Operational Procedures and Tools for your Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

To manage your EDMS, you need more than just the system user guide that explains how to perform the various system functions, i.e. Click Here, Select your Files, Click OK. You need Operational Procedures that define how your team will use the EDMS to accomplish its goals. Furthermore, you need Operational Tools that help you manage your documentation using the EDMS.

This session will cover why you need an EDMS and how to properly utilize your EDMS to accomplish your teams’ goals.

  • Start your program with the proper documentation structure in place
  • Be prepared for the workload of Regulatory documentation
  • Standardize your document formatting – neatness equals clarity to the Competent Authorities.
  • Standardize your tools for accuracy and speed
  • Make the EDMS less stressful and less intimidating for your colleagues