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Key Areas to Adapt to when an Inspection is Conducted Remotely

Remotely conducted health authority inspections are currently necessitated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, components of remotely conducted inspections will remain embedded in the future inspection process well beyond the current situation. To ensure that your company is ready for a remote inspection, it must assess current inspection-related processes to be flexible to host one that is conducted all or partially remote. During this interactive workshop we will:

  • Identify the areas of biggest change when some or all of an inspection is conducted remotely
  • Identify core elements that will need to be changed when all or portions of an inspection is conducted remotely
  • Review why the technology aspect of inspections is so much more important and how to support all of those involved
  • Explore strategies for how to prepare your organization for the provision of content to be reviewed by remotely located inspectors
  • Examine suggestions for preparing for virtually conducted inspection interviews


*This workshop contains a 30-minute break